Information Science and Engineering

VISION: To disseminate the IT knowledge among the students for achieving excellence in education and to irradiate budding engineers as leaders in Information Technology.


Nagarjuna college of Engineering and Technology was established in the year 2001 with Information Science & Engineering as one of the branch. The college was affiliated to VTU and has been granted autonomous sates in the year 2015. So far 13 batches which were following the VTU SYLLABUS have gone out of the portal of the college. At present only final year batch is under affiliated system following the VTU SYLLABUS. The remaining 1st, 2nd and 3rd year batches are following the curriculum of autonomous systems.

Program Outcomes: Information Science & Engineering program graduates will be able to achieve the following POs:

Program Specific Outcome (PSO)

Courses offered by the Department: Bachelor of Engineering.

Certificate courses offered by the Department: